Coming in contact with God changes people’s lives. Before coming in contact with God Adam and Eve were dirt, but after coming in contact with the Creator they were designed to reflect God. Abram once followed many god’s but after coming in contact with the Most High God left his idols behind. The people of God were slaves in Egypt until God came into their situation and set them free. After contact with God, Joshua who was timid became strong and courageous, Esther who was known only for her beauty became the rescuer of her people, David went from shepherd boy to king, Isaiah and Jeremiah went from men afraid to speak to those proclaiming the very the words of God. 


God changes lives. Mary went from being a nobody to the woman who carried the greatest somebody in her womb, Paul went from murderer to reconciler and Jesus disciples went from fishermen to followers to founders of a movement that would change the world.  Coming in contact with God changes people’s lives and the story of God and his people is a story of before and after, then and now, “but now” and “therefore”.


This year we believe God wants to change lives and that this change will occur when we come in contact with the living God. As we encounter the face of God in worship together and as we encounter the risen Christ in the faces of those we serve we believe that each of us can know the grace of transformation. And because of this promised transformation we will indeed be a different people by the end of this year.


And so our prayer at University Ministries is that as we seek after God this year, as we invite Jesus Christ to be a part of our lives and as we learn to follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting that the story of our life together would include more and more “but now’s”  and “therefores”.  May we be a people on the move; a people who are able to say, “I once was_____________but now I_______________. I encountered Jesus Christ therefore___________________ . And now I live my life asking in each situation, “What am I there for?”