Chapel Reflections: Am I Therefore

I am there

But what am I there for?

Called to be a loving neighbor

I am a Redwood tree, roots rooted deep

Intertwined with my brothers and sisters

Branches outstretched, waiting for a mission

Born out of a Holy Trinity, longing for community

Tethered and tied to the stories around me


My faith is not in need of gentle nudges

But a shove or two or seven in the right direction

A boost of boldness in the midst of my shame

Knowing that my name is not defined by my mistakes

It is written in the love a Savior that left His throne and became man

Doing all He can to take my pain away

Something I’ll never repay


But He doesn’t want my pocket change

He takes my scraped up knees and cups my face

and calls me His Beloved

Stepping into the chaos and writing alleluias in the sand

I’ll never understand how He could love a wretch like me


All I know is that my life is a series of before and afters

Of hurt and laughter

Falling into trouble and falling into prayer and falling into joy

I am by no means a finished product

In fact, I think I’ll always be in the workshop

I’m being sanded down and repainted by loving hands

Carved out from the wood of an imperfect cross

That held my perfect Savior


-Haley Scheaff