Sankofa FAQs


Sankofa FAQs


The Sankofa Experience

1.     What is Sankofa?

2.     Who participates on the Sankofa trip?

This vision trip is limited to Faculty , staff and ECC affiliated individuals.

3.     What are the dates of the trip?

The Estimated dates of the trip is June 2nd through the 14th

4.     What is the commitment required prior to the trip?

Participants areexpected to attend pre-trip orientation sessions. The number of these sessions/lectures would be determined at later date.

5.     How do I prepare for the trip?

6.     What pre-trip orientation is available?

7.     What ministries will we partner with?

8.     What will a daily schedule look like during the trip?



1.     What is the trip cost?

2.     Is financial assistance available?

3.     Can I raise support for my trip?

4.     How much spending money should I bring?

5.     Do I need to exchange currency?

6.     Are there any other costs associated with the trip?

7.     What if I have to back out of the trip after signing up?


International Travel

1.     How do I apply for a passport?

2.     How do I apply for a visa?

YES—All US citizens do need a visa. There is a single entry visa that is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and a multiple entry visa valid for 5 years from date of issue. Although the single entry one is cheaper, we recommend the multiple- entry one as that would come in handy should you be so inclined to return within 5 years.

Visa Fees
Money order, Cashier's check or Certified bank check made payable to the Embassy of Ghana

·  Single Entry Visa(must be used within 3 months from date of issue) $60.00

·  Multiple Entry Visa $100.00

·  Single Expedited $100.00

·  Multiple Visa Expedited $200.00


3.     Do I need any special immunizations?

4.     Is trip insurance provided?

5.     Is Ghana safe?

6.     Will I need to know another language?

7.     Will I have access to the Internet?

8.     Who do I contact if I have questions or I need help?

9.     Where is the closest medical facility?


Travel Logistics

1.     Where will I stay during the trip?

2.     Will NPU book my flight?

3.     Can I make separate travel arrangements?

4.     What kind of travel documents will I need?

5.     What will the weather be like?

6.     What should I bring with me?


Next Steps


1.     How do I apply for the trip?

2.     Are spaces limited?

3.     What is the registration deadline?

4.     Where can I find more trip information?