Date: May 9-17, 2015 
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico
Group Size: 7-10
Estimated Cost: $1,200 per person
Leaders: Celia Serrano
Partner: Foundation for His Ministry (FFHM)

FFHM runs a children's home in Tlacolula, 45 minutes from Oaxaca. 50 children, ages 1-22, receive food, clothing, education, and love. North Park serves "behind the scenes" by cleaning, gardening, babysitting, tutoring, cooking, and doing construction projects. We will also run gym classes and a mini sports camp with the kids. 

Mexico is a country where affluence, extreme poverty, natural beauty and urban congestion all exist. Because Mexico is a major oil producer and exporter, a small percentage of the country is wealthy. However, most Mexicans live in poverty with neglected rural areas and shanty towns surrounding most cities. Oaxaca is the second-poorest province in the country, which is all the more reason to serve with FFHM.

Foundation for His Ministry shares and demonstrates God's love by meeting basic spiritual, physical and educational needs of children in Mexico. They have 3 children's homes throughout Mexico in the Baja, Morelia and Oaxaca. Oaxaca is populated by people from over 155 ethnic groups. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico filled with history, culture, and diversity.

At the mission house, there are currently 50 children housed in a dormitory style building. Over the past few years the ministry has expanded to include regular conferences and training seminars for pastors and Christian leaders throughout the state of Oaxaca. In addition to their children's homes, FFHM also provides service in the city and in the mountains as part of their efforts to extend God's love to all parts of the land.

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