Date: March 12-20, 2016
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico
Group Size: 10
Estimated Cost: $1,500 per person
Leaders: Chris Smith & TBA
Partners: Covenant World Mission & Covenant Merge Ministries


Work alongside Semi!as to provide children and their parents with basic healthcare.  Share testimonies, sermons and prayers with Iglesia del Pacto Evangelico de Mexico. Stay in the heart of Oaxaca City, and practice your Spanish.  Eat chicken mole, drink chocolate caliente, listen to street musicians and hike the pyramids of Monte Alban.


Oaxaca is located in the southeast of Mexico. It has a population of 3.8 millions and about 60% of them are under the age of 30. More than the 50% of the population lives in rural areas. There are sixteen formally registered indigenous communities, some of which are culturally diverse themselves.

The capital of the state is admired by its beautiful architecture of the buildings in the Centro Histórico (Historic Center), which was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Oaxaca is a beautiful state, it’s well known for its beaches, mountains, forest, and valleys as well for its history, culture, and diversity.


Covenant World Mission is committed to culturally relevant evangelism and the formation of communities of Christ followers, to spiritual formation and equipping God’s people for ministry and leadership, and to transformational ministries that demonstrate the whole gospel by seeking to address the spiritual, social, emotional, mental, physical, and justice needs of people.

Covenant Merge Ministries, with over 20 years of experience, and 14,000 participants, utilizes qualified local leadership to design custom mission trips. Your group will share its unique talents and abilities in partnership with a local church/ministry. You will have the opportunity to encourage the church body and enhance their ministry in the community. When you embark on a Merge trip you are part of a larger mission. You are continuing the work of those who went before you as well as preparing the way for those that will follow.


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