Date: March 12-19, 2016 
Location: Guyan Valley, W.Va. 
Group Size: 15
Estimated Cost: $650 per person 
Leaders: TBA
Partner: Appalachia Service Project


Roadtrip to West Virginia.  Hike through the Appalachian Mountains.  Roll up your sleeves, pick up a hammer and change a life.  Build homes and christian community with North Parkers and Appalachian families. 

For the first time in history, more than 50% of the worlds population is living in urban areas. “An urban area may be defined by the number of residents, the population density, the percent of people not dependent upon agriculture, or the provision of such public utilities and services as electricity and education.” But what about the less than 50% that is not living in these urban areas? What about those who live in the rural areas of America? In 2009 the poverty rate in rural America was 17.26%. There are people who need help in the rural areas of America. These people in rural America need more than just blue-collar work done to help their lives. They need hope restored to their lives, through the work that is provided to them, but also through the word that is shared with them.

During the trip, you will spend a week in an intense community providing home repair care to a family in central Appalachia. Throughout the week, a relationship with the family, whose home is being repaird, will be created. This is accomplished through sharing the word during breaks in the work, and through that, restoring hope to a people who have lost hope. We will be partnering with the Appalachia Service Project (ASP) during the duration of the trip.


Appalachia Service Project:

Rural Poverty & Urbanization Resources