Chapel Reflections: A Grateful Response

As we’re getting back into the swing of things at North Park, the word “shift” seems more and more applicable. We’re shifting from summer to a whole new school year., shifting from home to campus, shifting from vacation to a long list of assignments. Our testimonies and stories can also contain radical shifts, filled with phrases like “I once was _______ but now am ________.” Whether our stories are radical or seemingly ordinary, I believe something unique happens when we encounter Jesus. We become a before-and-after people; a people of cause and effect, a people who have lives filled with therefores.


As followers of Jesus Christ, therefore is a word that should take root in our hearts. We realize that Christ already sees the very sin we are trying to hide; therefore we are able to take a look at it with Him and turn toward a new life. We are covered by His amazing grace; therefore we begin to live our lives as a grateful response. 


As we heard in chapel today, therefores and transformations should never be forced or coerced, nor do therefores  stem from encountering doctrine or church people.  Complete transformation only comes when we encounter Jesus and are compelled to shift our lives so that we are living in a way that glorifies Him.


Therefores  are also not overnight sensations and you will never be done shifting and growing and changing. Therefores will keep coming as long as you hang out with Jesus because you will continue to find new ways to respond to His love and grace. Are you ready to live out your Therefores? Are you ready to live your life as a grateful response? Are you ready to ask Him, “Therefore, what am I there for?”


-Reflection written by Haley Scheaff