A missionary movement for young people among sister churches in the world closely related to local congregations.


"The story continues"
Acts29 focuses on what Jesus, the apostles and the first church did, and are convinced that God will work in the same way today, by his Holy Spirit in us.

"Said and done" – Focused on the practice
Acts29 strive to make the distance between hearing and doing minimal, by putting to work immediately what we have learned. That means doing in the afternoon what we have discovered in the Scriptures in the morning

“The necessary and the simple”
Daily life at the school has to do with being provided with the most necessary things: Roof, a bed and food.
The intention is also, under the direction of the Holy Spirit and sincere reflections, personally and in fellowship with others, to study what is written in the Bible and immediately apply it to our lives. The teaching is not given in the first hand on a higher academic level.

"People of the way"
The teaching is often done in the "Jesus ́ style". We learn while we walk around at public places. It is also given in the "Paul’s style", as in Ephesus in the school of Tyrannous

“Through local churches”
Acts29 is a youth movement that is living its life in close fellowship with local churches in different places. Everything is done i cooperation with national churches within an international network of sister churches.

“Crossing culture”
The participants and leaders are always of different nationality with no group dominating. The encounter between different cultures creates good conditions to interpret and apply the gospel together

“Lead as Jesus did”
Acts29 follows a model for leaders that is based on service and confidence, from the example that Jesus gave us. The shepherd is the picture that gives us inspiration and guidance for the leader’s relationship with the participants.
The young people’s capability to guide as leaders is based on the fact that they have been granted confidence to grow with a greater responsibility from time to time.

“The whole gospel”
Acts29 considers both mans inside and outside needs. Therefore we strive to fill spiritual, emotional and material needs when we minister to people.