University Ministries

Our vision is to help foster a dynamic environment where faith undergirds both service and learning.



3225 W Foster Ave Box 20 Chicago IL

Phone: 773-244-4980




Inspired by our core institutional documents and the Bible, North Park University Ministries fosters lives of significance and service by engaging students and the campus and equipping leaders for the purpose of extending the kingdom of God. We do this through the formation of strategic alliances and partnerships, relevant proclamation of the word in the context of a dynamic and engaging worship services (Chapel & CollegeLife), safe and nurturing formational groups, and the provision of meaningful curricular and co-curricular opportunities to engage the world around us—locally, nationally, and globally.




Our strategy is defined by three components: Engage - Equip - Extend.

Engage the Campus –to awaken the North Park University community to the vision of God—its opportunities and challenges—and provide creative, compelling, and accessible avenues of engagement for all to enter into the story of God. This means among other things, identifying and collaborating with individuals and departments who share the same vision and help others see and embrace the vision of God.  We seek to find ways to present Jesus clearly to all for consideration.

By Equip we mean -- Intentional efforts to prepare the North Park University community especially leaders to engage the culture around them for the purpose of influencing it for God. As we learn from Eph 4: 12, one of the chief role of a biblically grounded leadership is to equip God’s people for work of service to build the body up and keep it grounded in the faith. We hope as a result, we will grow in our understanding of who we are, who God is, in our understanding of others, and the world around us.

One of our responsibilities as the people of God is to extend his domain here on earth. To this end, we pray that the Lord’s kingdom will come and his will will be done here on earth as it is in heaven (Matt. 6:9-13; Luke 11:1-4).  In addition to praying, we extend the kingdom of God, as a department, by providing meaningful opportunities for students and the campus at large to put our faith into action. Through University Ministries, we have the privilege to engage the world around us—Chicago, United States and globally.